Redland District Lions Club

                   Homestead, Florida


February 1, 2006

Dear PDG Felipe Vilaomat, president of the Perrine-Cutler Ridge Club,

It is the Redland District Lions Club policy to not negotiate with Kittynappers. (That, by the way, is in the by-laws right next to the article regarding fining Past District Governors) Especially ones that have incorrect meeting places posted at


A large-scale rescue mission was set up for the 24th of January. Our Club Meteorologist predicted the weather was going to be perfect for the type of operation the strategists had planned. Our Club Logistics experts made sure we had everything we needed; aircraft, ships, SWAT teams, Lions pins, beer and explosives to bring Kitty back home. Everything except a Tex-Mex restaurant.


Due to the deep cover of the Perrine-Cutler Ridge Lions Club it was all for naught.


Somehow, someway, someday, we will penetrate the veil of darkness that the Perrine-Cutler Ridge Club has shielded themselves in, and we will prevail. We hope that in all that is great in Lionism a clue to when and where their meetings are conducted will emerge.


Hang in there Kitty.


Please advise.



Edward T. Samples